Bernie Sanders in West Virginia

It is becoming an article of faith among the progressive left that the struggling working class, the poor, and people from declining rural communities would vote for progressive left politicians if only they were told (or permitted to hear) about all the ways progressive policies would benefit their lives. This is why MSNBC host Chris […]

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Week 7: March 3-9

Week 7 began with Trump tweeting an unprecedented and unfounded accusation against his predecessor: that Obama wire tapped Trump Tower during the campaign. Here is how the Washington Post and the New York Times covered the story the day of the tweets. The accusation motivated FBI Director Comey to ask the DOJ to refute the […]

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Week 6: February 24-March 2

This week was a good week to have read some newspapers. Here’s what happened: Week 6 began with commentary on the similarity of worldview in Stephen Bannon and Trump’s CPAC addresses; and more White House’s attacks on journalists and intelligence community leakers. Promoting his book of portraits, George W. Bush leveled some criticism a Trump’s bashing of […]

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Week 5: February 17-23

Week 5 began with the media commenting on Trump’s first press conference as president. Apparently the 77 chaotic minutes were a sight to behold. The Russia story of the week revolved around White House aids circulating a peace plan being pushed by a pro-Russian politician in Ukraine that would allow for the U.S. to drop […]

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Week 4: February 10-16

Trump’s 4th week started with reporting on an uptick of deportations: New York Times story about an illegal immigrant who has been here since she was a teenager, has been checking in with immigration officials regularly for eight years, and was just deported; and this Washington Post story about increased ICE raids. Michael Flynn resigned under a cloud, having been […]

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