Week 5: February 17-23

Week 5 began with the media commenting on Trump’s first press conference as president. Apparently the 77 chaotic minutes were a sight to behold. The Russia story of the week revolved around White House aids circulating a peace plan being pushed by a pro-Russian politician in Ukraine that would allow for the U.S. to drop […]

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Week 4: February 10-16

Trump’s 4th week started with reporting on an uptick of deportations: New York Times story about an illegal immigrant who has been here since she was a teenager, has been checking in with immigration officials regularly for eight years, and was just deported; and this Washington Post story about increased ICE raids. Michael Flynn resigned under a cloud, having been […]

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Week 3: February 3-9

After two weeks of stumbles, White House staff spoke to the New York Times about how they are adjusting their management structure to be more effective. This kind of behind-the-curtain, gossipy reporting–typically written about administrations in flux–does offer insights. The staff who go on record are tacitly admitting they have a mess to clean up, and promise […]

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Week 2: January 27-February 2

Trump signs an Executive Order that bars all refugees from Syria, and all people from 7 majority Muslim countries from entering the US. Because of the rushed nature of the order there is widespread confusion about who it affects, including people with duel citizenship, valid visas and green card holders: How Trump’s Rush to Enact an […]

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Week 1: January 20-26

In his first few minutes as president, Trump gave a dark Inaugural Address about “American Carnage.” Some conservative writers were not impressed: A Most Dreadful Inaugural Address The next day he delivers a “a campaign-style, stream-of-consciousness airing of grievances” to members of the CIA in front of the hallowed Memorial Wall. Watch the full speech here.  Some intelligence officials […]

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