Dear Leftist

It is in your political interest to vote for Hillary, and here’s why. During a Hillary presidency you can participate in activism that pushes her policies more to the left, and if she is still not to your liking in 2020 you can always primary her. You and Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders will be on the march. It will be fun, and the most influential the left has been in many years.

If Trump wins, your issues and your passions will be overwhelmed and diluted by the tidal wave of opposition to Trump that will rise up from every group in the country. No one–not even you–will have time to worry about income inequality, college debt and health care when all our activism is focused on Trump’s walls, deportation forces and wars with whoever snubs him. If any one issue becomes prominent in activism it will be minority rights. Black Lives Matter will become the big player, and a Latino Lives Matter will form. And in 2020, the Democrat Party (its voters and its party apparatus mind you) will entertain a leftist candidate like Sanders. They will pick the most moderate, milquetoast, unoffensive candidate available. Because by then they will be facing a deeply unpopular Trump, and will pick the safest path to defeating him. Many in your own ranks will agree with this too. Passions on the left will be muted like they were in 2008. After Trump, there will be little appetite to fight with Democrats. And the leftist holdouts will walk into the voting booth and vote for Jill Stein, and no one will notice or care. The energy the left has generated in 2016 will not be replicated until 2024 or 2028. It does not have to be this way! Vote Hillary!


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