Dear Conservative

You should vote for Hillary, and here’s why. A single Trump term will coat your principles in so much horse shit that Republicans will be out of power until the 2030s at the earliest. I know, I know… that’s liberal claptrap, and Trump will make America great again. But you admit that he will be a chaos President. It’s what you are hoping for. Disrupt the system! But you know in your heart–conservative that you are–that disruption is no way to progress. You know that there are scores of ways for the federal government to make even small mistakes that cause grave damage to the country and the world. You know that order is a delicate thing that is maintained by steady, humble leadership. You know that one man in government cannot solve complex social problems, and if he tries, power corrupts and innovation is stifled. More than this, you should know what happened the last time a Republican president flamed out (see Iraq, and 2008 Great Recession). We got eight years of a Democrat in the White House. If Trump wins next week, you know–you know–he will flame out more spectacularly than George W. Bush ever could have. And then your ideas will be discredited. You will get eight or more years of a liberal president–maybe he will even be black, or, Heaven forbid, Latino; he will not be a woman since Democrats will have learned that lesson. Your cries about free markets, and business inovation, and job creation will be met from the vast majority of voters with a shrug. “But you were with Trump,” they will say, if they bother to say anything to you at all. Don’t do this to yourself: vote Hillary. And don’t take my word for it, here is an actual conservative: The Dangers of Donald Trump


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