Colorado’s Amendment 69

To my leftist friends, as you are trying to get your policy shop in order for the next four years, you should seek out ideas in the ballot initiatives some states will vote on next week. Colorado has one for state-wide guaranteed universal health insurance. It is basically BernieCare for Coloradans.

I have a lot of respect for the leftists in Colorado because they are pushing a bold but detailed idea while also being honest about how it will be paid for: “a 10 percent payroll tax would be implemented, with employers paying 6.67 percent and employees paying 3.33 percent. Other non-payroll income would also be taxed at 10 percent.” If the left wants to ever be empowered to enact actual laws from their policy ideas, they need level with the voters about the costs and the benefits.

We are seeing why some prominent leaders on the left have been afraid to do just that. This ballot initiative has only 30% support in Colorado, and is not likely to pass. More than half of Democratic voters in Colorado oppose it. Food for thought as we wonder if the Democratic Party’s problem is that they nominated someone too conservative.

Colorado’s Amendment 69


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