It’s been a tough week, but it is time to get back in the saddle. Some principles as we go forward 1 of 3. Self-care: Plan time with family; plan a vacation; start up that hobby you’ve been putting off. We’re looking forward to the holidays with family. I’ve already decorated a Christmas tree,  and […]

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Dear Leftist

It is in your political interest to vote for Hillary, and here’s why. During a Hillary presidency you can participate in activism that pushes her policies more to the left, and if she is still not to your liking in 2020 you can always primary her. You and Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders will be […]

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Dear Conservative

You should vote for Hillary, and here’s why. A single Trump term will coat your principles in so much horse shit that Republicans will be out of power until the 2030s at the earliest. I know, I know… that’s liberal claptrap, and Trump will make America great again. But you admit that he will be […]

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Colorado’s Amendment 69

To my leftist friends, as you are trying to get your policy shop in order for the next four years, you should seek out ideas in the ballot initiatives some states will vote on next week. Colorado has one for state-wide guaranteed universal health insurance. It is basically BernieCare for Coloradans. I have a lot of […]

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