Week 11: March 31-April 6

Despite the fact that Trump told reporters he has had the best first 13 weeks of any president, Week 11 was … Russia The week began with Sean Spicer doubling down–quadrupling down?–on Trump’s wiretapping claim: “But I think more and more the substance that continues to come out on the record by individuals continues to point […]

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6 Reasons to Filibuster Gorsuch

Gorsuch is a partisan. He will rule in ways that go against Democratic interests and voters. That by itself is not a reason to filibuster, which leads us to… Gorsuch was dishonest about his partisan judicial philosophy during his confirmation. By refusing to answer even basic questions, he comes off as a judge with something […]

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Week 10: March 24-30

Healthcare On the first day of Trump’s 10th week in office, his promise to repeal Obamacare collapsed. One of the dramatic elements of Friday, which some of us followed by the minute on Twitter, was Trump’s demand that Paul Ryan force a vote that they will surely lose just so Trump can force members of […]

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Week 9: March 17-23

So ends the 9th Week of the Trump presidency. A LOT has happened since last Friday. Here is the rundown. His 9th week began last Friday with the release of Trump’s budget and the visit from Germany’s Chancellor Merkel. There were a few minor international incidents that the White House caused during the Merkel visit. Michael […]

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Week 8: March 10-16

Week 8 began with more fallout from Trump’s wire-tapping cliams: McCain called on Trump to retract the claim. Sean Spicer tried to convince everyone that Trump did not actually mean wiretapping literally. And the Justice Department requested more time from the congressional investigations to prove that wiretapping actually occurred. This resulted in: House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin […]

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Bernie Sanders in West Virginia

It is becoming an article of faith among the progressive left that the struggling working class, the poor, and people from declining rural communities would vote for progressive left politicians if only they were told (or permitted to hear) about all the ways progressive policies would benefit their lives. This is why MSNBC host Chris […]

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Week 7: March 3-9

Week 7 began with Trump tweeting an unprecedented and unfounded accusation against his predecessor: that Obama wire tapped Trump Tower during the campaign. Here is how the Washington Post and the New York Times covered the story the day of the tweets. The accusation motivated FBI Director Comey to ask the DOJ to refute the […]

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